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Contains hundreds of ideas for party games, do it yourself toys and crafts, magic tricks, card games, and word/number puzzles 
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Games, Activities, and How-To
When Victorian/Edwardian readers looked up how to play games, organize parties, or behave in social situations, these were the books they turned to for guidance. Today, they make great resources for gaming enthusiasts, families, classrooms, historical presenters, authors and others.  
A comprehensive guide composed by one of the first world chess champions. Includes games and strategies by famous chess masters of the 19th and early 20th centuries. 
The ultimate guide to entertaining, correspondence, travel, shopping, socializing, and everything else the mid-19th century woman needed to know, by one of America's first recognized domestic experts.  
Floor Games and Little Wars 

H.G. Wells' whimsical guide to the miniature war game he created for his children and friends. 
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

NEW! A noted British humorist's witty and sometimes poignant reflections on daily life in late Victorian England, on topics from food, drink and fashion to pets, children and love.