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Welcome to Monroe St. Music!
Monroe St. Press proudly announces our foray into music and audio!

Check out the newest CD and MP3 offerings from Monroe St. by Electronic artists That That Is (TTI) and Aerostat. Enjoy them while you work, play, dance, celebrate, exercise, relax, or read. 

Complete discographies for both artists can be found on their respective pages (see navigation menu at left)
La Belle Epoque

Monroe St. EDM artist, Aerostat proudly presents their initial collection of works exploring the early 20th century Parisian avant-garde. 

Enter the theatre of the absurd... 

Electronic dance with a classical twist. 


Rarities and outtakes from the Oceano and Underground sessions. 

NEW! TTI’s sixth release is combination of memory and experience. Haunting and evocative. Ten new tracks that touch the soul with all the pathos of strings and their sonic integrity. Ethereal electric guitar woven throughout lends all the power of a live performance to this new studio album from That That Is.

A collection of 8 songs that provide an interlude or respite in times of crisis and turmoil. These works serve as a reminder that such times are themselves an interlude or intermission in our lives. 

Dedicated to those we have lost in the COVID-19 pandemic and those who continue the fight. Peace to all, and stay strong.... this too will pass. 

If It Ain't Baroque

NEW RELEASE! Works by Bach, Liszt and Verdi that express the style known as Baroque, characterized by exuberance, grandeur, and surprise in contrast to Renaissance neoclassicism. 

The term itself is derived from the Portuguese barroco, or "oddly shaped pearl." It is often used to describe Western European art and music from about 1600 to 1750 - comparing its masterpieces to a misshapen chunk of calcium carbonate.

Oceano Outro (Urban Remix)

NEW single by TTI. The lost outro to Oceano!