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TTI’s sixth release is combination of memory and experience. Haunting and evocative. Ten new tracks that touch the soul with all the pathos of strings and their sonic integrity. More information on our Music page!

Eric Brighteyes 

Victorian recreation of a Viking saga that inspired the sword-and-sorcery genre. Its hero is drawn into a deadly rivalry with an Old Norse priest, a chieftain, and two sisters that culminates in the ultimate "red wedding". 
The Magic Pudding 

Bunyip Bluegum the koala, Barnacle Bill the sailor, and their friends try to tame a magical pudding with a life of its own. This book's whimsical rhymes and illustrations have entertained generations of children and grownups "Down Under".
The Blue Lagoon 

NEW! H. DeVere Stacpoole's timeless tale of two orphans marooned on a deserted island, with only nature and their own senses to guide them. A vivid portrayal of life at sea and the wonders of the South Pacific.

New release by Monroe St. artist Aerostat. Eight songs that provide a brief interlude in a time of turmoil and crisis... and remind us that "this too shall pass".  
A Brief Journal of the Plague of Marseilles

NEW! Day-by-day account of a deadly 1720 plague outbreak in the French port city. Captures the chaos, horror and panic of Western Europe's last major outbreak of the "Black Death".