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A quality hardback edition of our collection of 11 stories of the future! 280 pages, 6" x 9", cloth bound with dust jacket. Check it out at Barnes & Noble! 
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From our newest musical artist, Aerostat! Borrowing heavily from the melodic, atmospheric and industrial tones of today's EDM ~ Aerostat brings you a modern electronic twist on the rusty squeezebox and organ grinders of old with their exploration of the early 20th century Parisian avant-garde. Visit our music page for more details.
Alternate paperback edition (6 x 9, 108 pages) of Nellie Bly's famous expose of conditions at a New York City insane asylum. The featured cover photo depicts the abandoned asylum as it appeared in the early 1970s. Visit our Lulu shop for more details. 
The hero of King Solomon's Mines discovers a lost ancient civilization in the highlands of East Africa... and is drawn into a deadly rivalry between its two sister queens! Includes drawings/engravings from the original 1887 print edition.