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That That Is
Monroe St. recording artist whose works blend techno, jazz, dub and ambient sounds into a feast for the mind and imagination!
Oceano EP

Get a taste of azul real (bluest of blue), select tracks from Oceano.
A wet and watery feast for the soul!
Neidan EP

A whole lot of dance-centric rhythm with just a tinge of funk and a dab of folk. Neidan, the artist's third release, combines hard rock, electronic effects and classical Mandarin instruments, to yield fresh-sounding songs with mass appeal. Musical vision for the majority. 


TTI’s sixth release is combination of memory and experience. Haunting and evocative. Ten new tracks that touch the soul with all the pathos of strings and their sonic integrity. Ethereal electric guitar woven throughout lends all the power of a live performance to this new studio album from That That Is.
Oceano Outro (Urban Remix) 

NEW single by TTI. The lost outro to Oceano!

Rarities and outtakes from the Oceano and Underground sessions. 

The fourth studio album from That That Is. Includes "The Conversation" (Pts. 1 and 2), "In Her Eyes", "The Rave", "Reiko in Neon", "Haunted", and "Shake Me". 

TTI brings you a whole lot of dance-centric rhythm with just a tinge of funk and a dab of experimental folk. Combining hard rock, electronic dance music and classical Mandarin instruments, Neidan yields fresh-sounding songs with mass appeal —a true blend of techno-pop, folk, ambient and fusion.

STEP outside into a sprinkling of rain. A single drop forms on the leaf of a maple tree and falls down to a puddle, that flows into a stream, which joins a mighty river. Together they swirl around rocks, under bridges and beneath boats to meet their final destination, the ocean blue. Until, that is, the next storm.

The debut album from That That Is, a hard hitting collection of new experimental IDM, Electronic Garage Rock. Blending elements of techno-pop, jazz, ambient and fusion, That That Is sets a dynamic and upbeat mood for your listening pleasure. 
Eponymous EP

Also available is an EP that is meant to be a companion to the artist's Eponymous release, featuring a selection of three tunes from the debut album.