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Early "space opera" tale of a trip to Mars in the year 1830!
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Science Fiction & Futuristic
Composed in an age of new discoveries, 
developments and inventions, these tales speculate on what could be possible... and what could go wrong. 
An unstoppable airship fleet wages the "war to end all wars" in the skies. 
Sequel to "Angel of the Revolution" set in the 21st Century!
An eccentric scientist explores the North Pole and the earth's core!
Lord of the World 

Edwardian era dystopian novel in which a mysterious political figure promises world peace and harmony.... at a terrible price. 
The Iron Heel 

Chilling near-future/alternate history of an early 20th century America torn apart by class struggle. 
Edison's Conquest of Mars 

NEW! Informal sequel to "The War of the Worlds" gathers the greatest minds of the Victorian Era for a counterattack on the Red Planet.